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About iRecommend’s Digital Marketing Hub

    What is iRecommend's Digital Marketing Hub

    Learn all about iRecommend's digital marketing hub. We have built the Hub to help businesses understand, learn, and use the right digital marketing methods for their business.

    We have designed the Digital Marketing Hub to make it easy to find what information you are looking for, So you can dip in and out as you wish, pick up where you left off last time and learning as you go.

    You can easily find all the resources, on all things digital marketing. We will help explain how each method works and what ways will work best for your goals and how to implement them.

    Whether you are a local tradesman, shop or a large national organisation, you will find a wealth of knowledge that you can take advantage off.

    What is digital marketing?

    If you are new to digital marketing, we recommend reading each page on the “what is” section of the site. The "what is" section is there to give you a good understanding of each method works and the benefits of implementing them into your business.

    Learn simple online marketing techniques at your own pace.

    Most business owners are put off from learning digital marketing. They here all the different marketing terms and techniques on social media and blogs, this can be quite overwhelming. If you read all of this information in a random order, you could quickly be put off.

    However, when broken down and approached in an organised order it is simple and the more you learn, the easier it becomes to understand. You will quickly start transforming into a Digital marketing ninja.

    The Key is to understand what methods will work best for your business and the order you approach and take in this information.

    Once you have worked out what methods will work best for your goals, you can begin to explore and learn in bit size peace’s which makes it simple to understand, learn and, put into action.

    We will help you plan and set up automated digital marketing funnels that will bring you, new customers, collect recommendations, reviews, followers and email subscribers, automatically. Build Brand awareness, new customers, social proofing and, repeat business. 

    Why do we need to use online marketing?

    In this day and age, it’s essential for any business to have an online presence to build brand awareness and trust in your brand. If you get this right, the sky is the limit.

    Don’t get left behind take action and, stay ahead of the competition.

    Once upon a time, only big brands and businesses with, big budgets could reach 100’s of 1000’s of people with tv, radio campaigns.

    In today’s new marketing world every business has the opportunity to put your business and brand in-font of 100’s of 1000’s of potential customers, as well as being able to target your ideal type of person that is likely to want to use your business, improving the chances of turning them into long-term customers.

    Whether you want to be hands-on, or you are planning on outsourcing your digital marketing, having a good understanding of how and, what digital marketing will work best, is essential to reach your goals.

    How to learn and use digital marketing.

    Our team of marketing experts will be giving great, easy to follow how to’s videos and blog posts to help you to learn and build confidence in your ability to put simple marketing methods in place. You will be able to find these under the "learning" section.

    Free digital marketing resource for businesses.

    We will bring you all the best free marketing resources, free tools, product and software reviews, case study’s showing how other businesses are smashing out of the park using different methods of digital marketing.

    There is a wealth of free tools and resources out there online. We will bring you all the best free tools. That will make reaching your marketing goals easy.

    What Else You Will Learn?

    We will also bring you tips and advice on how to build brand awareness, new business, trust and, repeat business. This key to any successful business, growing and flourishing.

    How to work out who your perfect customers are. Build the ideal customer avatar. Helping you target the right people and get the most from your online marketing.

    Work out your average lifetime earning for your customers, Allowing you to confidently set budgets for your marketing and advertising, taking the guesswork out of how much to budget.

    Track what is working and what is not. Analyse your data to see what methods and marketing funnel are working and what ones are not. A/B test different versions of content, Adds. To keep improving your return on your investment and marketing efforts.

    Digital Marketing News.

    The digital marketing world is ever-changing. We will bring you all the relevant and latest news, trends and research.