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How to Build a Great Business Profile on iRecommend

    Right! Let's get started.

    The first thing you should do to make the whole process quick and easy, is start collecting all your business information on to a Text editor doc on your computer. You can use (Notepad) for WINDOWS and (Textedit) for MAC IOS. (Don't copy and paste content from (Word on windows) into your profile page, it can cause all sorts of formatting issue and could have a negative effect on your profile.

     Once you have collected all you details and descriptions you can easily copy and paste all your information straight into the profile builder.

    If you are not that confidant on building a profile, or just haven't got the time. You can let us build a great business profile for you by clicking here.
    Copy and Paste Your Website and social media URL's (Web addresses) from the address bar when visiting the pages.
    iRecommend Facebook URL

    Information You Will Need To Build Your Business Profile

    • Business name
    •  Address
    •  Email
    • Phone number
    • Website URL
    • Facebook Business  URL 
    • Twitter Business URL 
    • Google+ Business URL
    I would recommend opening a new window and copy and paste your web address and social media business pages URLs from the address bar when you open the web pages, to make sure you get them right and get the http:// or https:// etc, correct.

    Business Logo

    You will need your business logo. The perfect size is --------. Your logo is essential because when you collect recommendations the user's friends will see the recommendation, they will see your logo next to their friends face. This will start building brand awareness and trust in your business.

    A business name can be quickly forgotten, a good logo will not!

    Write An Excellent Business Description.

    Add a great business description. What makes your business different from your competitors? Why are you better and why should people use you?  Don't copy text from your website or anywhere else online.
    Write new fresh content, that will attract new customers in the search results and will help boost your website SEO.

    If you are not confidant in writing your own descriptions I recommend using Grammarly its a great tool for writing content. It offers a free version and it will high light spelling and grammar issues as you type.

    Add Keywords

    Make a list of keywords and phrases separated by commas, that people would use to search for your type of business. 

    Only add keywords that would be used to find your type of business. Adding too many none specific keywords could have a negative impact on your profile.
    You are able to add keywords for each product and services as you add them, so you don't need to add them to the business section, just the keywords that relate to your business type.

    Add The Services And Products You Offer

    Put together a list of the services, products or product ranges you want to add to your profile.

     If you are a shop and sell lots of products we recommend adding product ranges and then, adding the products that you offer in that range as keywords.
    You will be able to add a Printable vouchers, Online voucher code or deals for any product, product range or service you add. If you want to add a voucher or deal on a specific product or service you will need to add this as a product or service.

    Write descriptions of the product and services you offer.

    Add an excellent description of each product, product range or service you are going to add to your profile.

    Put together a list of Keywords and phrases that people would use to search for your products or services. These can be added to each product or services you offer.

    You can also add a links to your website for each product or service you add. Make sure it is a relevant web page were they can find more information on this product or service they are searching for.

    Great Images

    Use a great images for each product or service you are adding. Good quality images are essential. The perfect image size is ---------. You can use pictures you already have and edit the size or cropping them to fit your profile.

    You can read our article on how to find and edit images here.  

    People make decisions and assumptions about a business by the images they show. First impressions last. If you use great images that look professional, it will convey that you are a great professional business.

    Use your own, or you can find some great stock images on the internet for free or at small cost it's well worth investing some time or money in finding or creating some good quality images that can be used across all your digital marketing.

    Add a great voucher or deal

    You can add printable vouchers, online voucher codes, or just add a deal. These will be sent to all relevant users, bring in new customers to your business that you can collect recommendations from. Opening up whole new friends network to your business, and so on and so on.

    Remember the better the deal or voucher the more recommendations you will receive.
    Whatever you offer, make sure you still impress your customers. There is no point in providing a significant discount and then watering down the services or product, so customers are left underwhelmed. You need to impress your customers and collect recommendations, bringing in more customers you can collect recommendations from, building brand awareness and trust in your company and opening up new network of friends that will trust your business. And so on and so on.
    Brand loyalty and Repeat Business
    People are loyal to businesses that offer a voucher or deal and are very likely to automatically come back to a company that has given them a great deal and impressed them.
    Keep Customers Coming Back
    Repeat business is something overlooked by a lot of companies. The average good business should get 70% of their business from repeat business and recommendations. That is how great companies grow.

    Make You Voucher Or Deal Stand Out In The Results

    Pick a tittle for your deals and vouchers that make it eye-catching and write a good description.

    Use a good images that will stand out and show what you are offering. We will show this to users that will be interested in your product or service. At a glance, they should be able to see what your deal is from the title and the image.

    iRecommend voucher and deal result

    Now Build Your Business Profile

    Once you have got all your information and images together you can quickly and build your business profile.

    Go to click builds a business profile and follow the instructions.

    Your iRecommend Business Admin

    When you have finished building your business profile you will be taken to your business admin area were you can view a preview how your profile will look to users.

    From the preview area you can also add a banner image for your profile page.

    Login to your business admin at any time and make changes to your business profile at ant time.

    iRecommend Business Admin
    • You can find your (Recommend us) button widget. That you can add to your website, allowing you to collect recommendations with a click of a button from your website.
    iRecommend recommend us button
    • Download your QR Code that you can add to your stationery that people can scan and quickly go to your profile page where you can collect a recommendation with a click of a button.
    iRecommend Business QR Code

    Once ​​​you have built your profile, we will check it and send you an email once it goes live.

    Time to Launch Your Business on iRecommend.

    We will then give you instructions on how to launch your business on iRecommend and building in new customers and repeat business with search, voucher, recommendation and social media marketing putting your digital marketing on autopilot.

    Free Digital Marketing Hub.

    You also get access to our digital marketing blog where you can find free tools advise and learn about digital marketing step by step. With how-to videos and blog posts that are easy to understand and implement.

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