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Collect Business Recommendations on iRecommend

How To Collect Recommendations

    Now you have followed all the steps to Launch your business on If you haven't you can find them here: how to launch your business on iRecommend. This is the first step you need to take.
    Following this instruction on launching your business can drive new customers to your business, as well as building brand awareness and trust in your company.

    After launching your business on It's important to keep collecting recommendations. Keeping your business recommendations popping up in front of all your potential customers. There are some simple things you can do to keep recommendations coming in.

    Here is a list that I will cover in this post.

    • Thank You Email To Customers
    • Make sure your recommend us button on your website is visible to visitors
    • Adding Your QR Code To Your Stationery
    • Ask Your Customers To Recommend You

    Thank You Email

    A great way to do this is with email and an easy way to do this, is to set up an automated email that you can send to customers once they have purchased of you or you have finished doing work for them. A thank you email.

    We strongly recommend using an email client that can do this automatically. You can set up a contact forms and email subscriber form on your website that once a new contact has submitted an enquiry or signed up to your email list, or when you add a client to your subscribers list it will automatically send out your thank you email or welcome email. Once this is set up it will be working in the back ground 24 hours a day free of charge.

    A popular email client that lets you do this is Mail chimp is free up to 2000 email subscribers and you can send 12,000 emails per month. Setting up an automated email is fairly simple and you can find instructions here:

    How to set up an automated email in

    If you do not use an email client that allows you to set up automated emails, than you can keep a draft email that you can manually send when you want.

    A Thank You Goes a Long Way

    Thanking your customers goes a long way and it's a great time to ask them for a recommendation and letting them know of any deals or vouchers they can find on your business profile.

    In a 2010 study, researchers asked a group of people to help a “fictitious” student improve a cover letter for a job application. Half of the respondents were thanked by email and the other half sent a neutral email , but both groups were asked for more help.
    Only 32% of the group that were not thanked provided additional help whereas 66% of the group that were thanked provided additional help.
    It seemed there was something about being thanked that created a feeling of social value and worth which inspired people to do more for the person thanking them. 

    Your Website Recommend Us Button

    Add your recommend Us button to your website. Make sure it is visible and easy to find. Allowing you to collect recommendations with a click of a button from your website.

    Website Recommend Us Button

    Add Your Recommend Us Button To Your Thank You Page.

    You can also set up a Thank you page if you take orders or sell from your website or when someone subscribes to your news letter. This is also a great time to ask for a recommendation and let new contacts know about your deals or vouchers you offer. Add your Recommend Us button to your thank you page. Making it easy for customers or contact to recommend you and view your profile on irecommend.

    Add Your QR Code To Your Stationary And Promotional Items

    Download your QR code and add it to your stationary and promotional items. You can find your QR code in your business admin under your Free Marketing Pack and Downloads Tab when you sign in to your business profile.

    Ask Your Customers For a Recommendation

    Ask your customers at every opportunity for a recommendation. You can ask your staff to ask customers for a recommendation. A great way to see what members of staff are doing a great job they can ask the customer to add their name to the comment. You can then reward staff members that are doing a great job.

    When someone mentions your deal or uses a voucher you have added remember to ask them for a recommendation.

    Always let people know how to do this and make it as easy as possible with a link to your profile page or by letting them know to click on the recommend us button on your website or scanning the QR code on your stationary or promotional items.

    If they haven't sign up to irecommend yet, let the know the benefits of signing up and what they get. Make everyone aware of the deals or voucher they can find on your business profile page.

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