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How To Launch Your Business On iRecommend

How to Launch Your Business on

    Now you have built your business profile on iRecommend, and your profile is live. It's time to launch your business on

    First of all, sign up to as a user and invite all your friends to sign up. You can now Recommend your Business. This will allow all your friends that sign up to see your recommendation on their homepage when they log in, and will also be able to recommend you quickly. Then all their friends will all so see the recommendation on their homepage.

    Send out a message on all your social media channels asking your friends to sign up and recommend your business add a link to your business profile. 

    Facebook does not show your posts to all your friends anymore, so it is also a good idea to direct message, your friends.

    Use Your Website Recommend Us Button And QR Code.

    You can find your (Recommend Us) button and QR code on your business admin area, when you sign in, under the Free Marketing Pack and Downloads Tab.

    iRecommend Free Marketing Pac and DownLoads Tab

    Add your (Recommend Us) button to your website allowing visitors and customers to quickly recommend you from your website.

    iRecommend recommend us button

    Download your QR code from your business admin area and place it on your stationery and promotional items. When scanned it will take them to your profile page.

    iRecommend Business QR Code

    Send out an email to all your customers asking them to sign up and recommend you. If you have added a voucher or deal, let them know they can get the voucher or deal on your profile page. We have put together an email that you can copy and paste that works really well.

    Email your clients and contacts


    Hi [name]

    We have joined We have added [vouchers/ Deals] that you can find on our profile page.

    We would appreciate, if you could recommend us.  Please follow the link below:
    [ Add your profile URL, e.g.,]

    To recommend us, click on the Recommend Us button on the top of our profile page.

    Not signed up yet to 

    If you haven't, follow the link above,  you will be redirected to our profile page once you have signed up.

    Why sign up to

    Recommended businesses, vouchers and deals recommended by friends to friends! is a social media recommendation, search and voucher site. You get your own personal, homepage where you can find all your friends recommendations, vouchers and deals in the categories you have chosen from local and national businesses.

    You can search for companies, products, and services. Your friend's recommendations will be at the top of the results, followed by the companies with the most recommendations.

    Businesses on are building their businesses through recommendations by impressing their customers.

    We would appreciate your recommendation and support.

    Yours Sincerely.
    [Your Name]
    [Your Company]

    We have tested different emails, and this one works a treat. By sending this email, businesses have seen instant results in customers recommending them and taking up the deals and vouchers the business profile page.

    Collect as many Recommendations as possible on Launch

    Remember, when users search for a business, the businesses with the most recommendations, will be at the top of the results. So the more recommendations you collect, the high up the search results you will be.

    If you have added a voucher or deal, we will be sending it out to all users that could be interested in your offer. They will also see how many recommendations you have received.

    Once you have done all the above and got the ball rolling, you can sit back and do what you do best, impress your customers and collect recommendation, putting your digital marketing on autopilot with search, voucher recommendations and social media marketing.

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